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Removable Insulation Systems

Anchor Insulation is a leading supplier of reusable, removable insulation blankets, each custom measured and designed at your facility to be fabricated in one of our in house fabrication shops. These high temperature blankets are the solution to save energy when conventional insulation is not an option. Our flexible, removable insulation blankets or covers fit custom sizes, space limitations and shapes and are easily removed and replaced for routine maintenance requirements.

Our expert “blanket men” can work with facilities staff to coordinate, design, fabricate and install a removable and reusable insulation blanket system where conventional insulation won’t work. Anchor’s blankets have numerous applications and are the ideal solution for valves, pressure reducing systems, heat exchangers, access ways, turbines, or flexible, rotating or vibrating equipment. These are an excellent replacement when conventional insulation has been removed and discarded and blanket systems have a typical return on investment of one or two short years.

Our on-site measuring phase is not disruptive and our fabrication is off site, eliminating down time often associated with our technicians in your facility. With the availability of various cloths, blankets can be used in wet or outdoor conditions in a wide temperature range and all fastening is stainless steel for long life.

Call the “blanket men” at Anchor Insulation to learn more about removable insulation blankets, or click here to contact us online. We have offices and crew in Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ) and Connecticut ( CT ).

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“Anchor’s spray foam crew has done several big homes for us and they always impress us with on time service, competitive prices, and quality work. The managers and the crew are very accommodating.” William D.
“We solicited several quotes for upgrading the attic insulation in our home. Your price was in the ball park and the estimator was very informative and responsive. The spray foam crew did a very neat and efficient job. This ... Kim W.
“Our heating costs were so high and it was often still cold in the house. Anchor removed the old fiberglass and sprayed foam insulation underneath the floor on our large sun room. The guys crawled in the space and ... Len W.
“I have subcontracted both fiberglass and spray foam to Anchor Insulation. Their prices are competitive and the installers do the job right. I deal with a lot of subs and I know Anchor is one I don’t have to ... Dave C.
"Chilled water piping was sweating, ceiling tiles were wet, and humidity was high. Anchor took off the old fiberglass and installed the right, longer lasting ISO which solved the problem. We should have had them do it the first ... Jeff T.
"Anchor has been an invaluable resource to me as plant manager. They take time to understand what we need done and provide a custom solution with the right specification, long lasting products and jacketing, installed safely and professionally. I ... ED M.
"In the power generating industry, we need subs that will be reliable and will work safely. We run a tight schedule especially during outages. Anchor has proven themselves for years at this power plant and many others. The workmanship ... Michael N.
"Our process uses a lot of steam and hot water, and we regularly need piping insulated. Anchor knows the right products and are the best at installing them for long lasting, effective results. Their energy audit expertise has helped ... Mark P.
“Anchor’s crew has cleaned our boilers for years. They always do a thorough job at a reasonable price and will be back again.” James T.
“The refractory installers at Anchor work safely and efficiently. They are concerned with the long term results of their workmanship and products. I trust them to get it done right.” Tom C.
"Thank you for the quick turnaround on the exhaust covers for our new diesel. The technician came aboard to scope the job out and returned to put on the insulation pads earlier than we expected and we were running ... Dan L.
“Our diesels were very loud, transmitting noise throughout the vessel. Anchor was able to install sound control insulation to dramatically reduce the noise in passenger areas and make the trip more comfortable for our customers. We got the results ... Paul W.
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