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Why choose Anchor?

In deciding which insulation company is your best choice, there is no better indicator than the company's history. Let Anchor's track record be your yard stick. We have impressed customers in countless factories, pharmaceutical plants, homes, office buildings, schools, ferry boats, power plants, barges and hospitals. We are grateful to have a long list of plant managers, purchasing agents, builders, boiler engineers, architects, pipe fitters, and facility directors that know our passion to provide the right insulation solution for their needs. Join the club. Choose Anchor because we can impress you too.

Homeowners know Anchor is the right choice. Plan on professional installers paid to get the job done right. Whether fiberglass or Icynene spray foam, our installers are motivated to provide quality workmanship. They are not paid per square foot like some companies because our focus here is on quality, not speed.

Builders know contracting with Anchor assures many benefits such as quality work, fair prices, up to date product information and specifications, safe workers and no schedule conflicts. Our many repeat builders juggle lots of trades and they know we won't hold up their schedule.

Industrial clients choose Anchor for skilled and experienced workers who have done challenging mechanical insulation projects for years. They know our crews will follow their safety rules while getting the work done on schedule. These customers appreciate how we learn about their objectives and customize a way to insulate their equipment. They have seen that the best specification is: Call Anchor.

Marine customers need insulation solutions usually done quickly and in a confined space. Whether installing hull board or engine exhaust blankets, our workers get in and out so the vessel can get moving again. That prompt, efficient service along with fair pricing is why Anchor is the eastern seaboards leading marine insulation specialists.

Refractory customers call us each year to repair boiler insulation and to clean boilers, breechings and tanks. They know our workers are fully trained professionals who provide long lasting, quality work. Join the list of boiler rooms that call us every year.

Power Plants in the Northeast know they can rely on Anchor to be there when they need them. Many times at all hours we have provided a crew to work on an unplanned outage on short notice. Our insulators work until it is done because we know the importance of getting the plant running again. The same safe, high quality workers are available for planned outages and plant maintenance requirements.

As the National Insulation Association reminds us, "Now more than ever, insulation should be an integral part of your company's energy efficiency, productivity, cost reduction, and personnel protection plans." Insulation is a great investment. We can maximize the results.

Please contact Anchor Insulation for your next insulation project.