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America's GREEN Insulator


“Anchor’s crew has cleaned our boilers for years. They always do a thorough job at a reasonable price and will be back again.”

James T.
Chief Engineer

“The refractory installers at Anchor work safely and efficiently. They are concerned with the long term results of their workmanship and products. I trust them to get it done right.”

Tom C.
Facility Mgr.

"Thank you for the quick turnaround on the exhaust covers for our new diesel. The technician came aboard to scope the job out and returned to put on the insulation pads earlier than we expected and we were running again. We will definitely call Anchor next time."

Dan L.
Fishing Vessel Owner

“Our diesels were very loud, transmitting noise throughout the vessel. Anchor was able to install sound control insulation to dramatically reduce the noise in passenger areas and make the trip more comfortable for our customers. We got the results needed at a fair price.”

Paul W.
Marine Transportation Co.