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Insulation is the best way to save energy (and money) in a home. Often times, when constructing a new home, insulation is an area that gets overlooked. The cost of insulating a new home can be less than 2% of the total cost of the home and is the number one way to save money on energy bills! Today it is easier than it has ever been for homeowners and builders to realize the rapid payback for selecting the most efficient, energy saving material.

Reinsulating an existing home with spray foam is one way to significantly enhance the effectiveness of a home's insulation. It provides the home with a better insulating seal through both adding insulation and sealing air leaks in the home's envelope.

It has long been known that many otherwise well insulated buildings were poorly sealed or had become poorly sealed as they were modified and as they aged. The lack of a proper seal was a leading cause of air leakage in and out of buildings.

Approximately 60% of all air leaks are in a home's attic. Add to that the heat loss from an uninsulated basement (as much as 25%) and heat loss from exterior walls (around 15%). This air leakage can result in moisture problems, wasted energy and wasted money.

Only recently has it become possible to address the problem of air leaks without significant and costly renovations. Today, Anchor Insulation professionals can identify the areas of greatest need and propose a cost-effective, energy-efficient resolution that will help increase the air-quality and savings. (Even small improvements to a building's insulation can add up to big savings over time.)

Insulation has always been a foundation to our business and is a key area that we serve our customers in. Throughout our history, we have continually looked for ways in which we can better serve you. In addition to providing quality insulation products and expert installation, our services also include installation of fireplaces, seamless gutters and shelving.

It does not matter what service that you choose because at anchor you will receive the same quality workmanship, customer service, value and attention to detail that we have prided ourselves on since our beginning.

Please check out all of our different insulation services on our website. Our offices and crews located throughout Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ) and Connecticut ( CT ) look forward to speaking with you, and helping you find the right product for your home. If you are insulating a new home, or reinsulating an existing home, contact us today.

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